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FASECBuildings Successfully Showcases At The Sydney Build Expo 2024

APPROVAL May. 08, 2024

FASECBuildings Successfully Showcases At The Sydney Build Expo 2024.

Sydney, Australia – FASECBuildings, a leading manufacturer of high-quality building materials, successfully participated in the 2024 Sydney Build Expo held on May 1-2, 2024. Our company showcased the range of steel/aluminum building materials and  glass curtain wall and window & door at the event, drawing significant attention from industry professionals and consumers alike.

At the Expo, FASECBuildings displayed a variety of building materials, including Structural Steelworks & Steel Framing, Building Roof Wall Flooring integrated material and other interiors new material R & D, Glass Windows Doors, Curtain Wall Facade, Aluminum Panels Cladding, Partition Walls, Railing & Louvers, Screens Grills, BIPV etc. These products are designed to offer both aesthetic and functional benefits while reducing the environmental impact of construction.

We keep improvement and innovation, with the slogan of “USA-EUROPE Standard Engineering and Quality Control Build Our Brand Reliability! One Trial Order Bring Constant Cooperation!”


About The FASECBuildings Group:

FASECbuildings Group always aim to offer cost saving prefab materials for USA-Europe & UK-Australia etc foreign standard market customers, with freely technical supports like engineering design when needed/detailing drawings/site construction guidance etc.  We have multiple certification/experiences as well as the overall 2D/3D modelling capability for the building framing and the surroundings.  


Brief Introduction of Subsidiaries:


  1. Hangzhou FAMOUS Steel Engineering Co.,ltd. focus on the Design & Construction of various Steel Buildings and Structural Steelworks fabrication. The company have received a lot of foreign projects ranging from warehouse buildings, multi-storey apartments, high rise office & hotel buildings, space framing theaters, triangle truss buildings, to steel bridges, handling machinery framing, power plant towers, mining production line steelworks, cement production line steelworks, petro-chemical rackings etc.  Basically the company have the full capability to operate various large-scaled projects complex except the simple building project.  


  1. FASEC (Hangzhou) Window Wall Company specializes in the offer of various aluminum & glass-related products design/manufacture/supply & installation.  We have successfully supplied quite a lot of insulated & laminated glass panes, windows, glass doors, curtain walls, partition walls, railings, louvers, grills, metal claddings etc not only in China but also around the world. Australian standard, British Standard, Europe standard, and American standard etc aluminum & glass facade products are in our main research & development range.


  1. Hangzhou FASECBuilding Material Company play the role of the bridging and lubricating with different customers of new building material requirement for roof wall floor and interiors. Our building material team always are on the way to research and develop new style building material to save cost and time of building industrial customers.  USEU Metal factory is its strong manufacturing backup force, and our own engineering team can offer various technical supports too.


FASECBuildings Group have passed by series of certifications like the quality management system (ISO 9001:2008), the Europe product quality control system EN1090, the structural fabrication system certificates of Europe ISO3834 and America AWS D1.1, the Australia AS2047 Glazed Windows Doors Qualifications etc.

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