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Hot selling high quality double-glazed IGU glass panes insulated glass windows

Insulated glass windows are a great way to keep your home at a more comfortable temperature without having to keep the curtains closed all the time. These windows use two panes of glass instead of one. This creates a pocket of air within the structure of the window.

Air is actually one of the best insulators out there, and it has the benefit of being clear. This means insulated windows still let sunlight through but do a much better job of keeping out the heat and cold. Insulated windows are standard in new homes, but if you have an existing house with non-insulated windows, it’s worth the money to upgrade.


Benefits of Insulated Glass Units

  1. Better Insulation : 

    A pocket of air can be one of the best insulators, especially for windows. When the sunlight first hits the outer pane of glass, it warms that up, as well as the air on the outside of it, but the heat still has another layer to get through. The sun has to heat up the air in between the panes to the same temperature as outside in order for the same amount of heat to bleed through, and there aren’t enough hours of direct sunlight for that to happen.

  2. Noise Reduction:

    Sound travels through the air in waves that create very slight vibrations.When sound waves hit non-insulated windows, they vibrate straight through the glass, sending noise into your place. With insulated glass units, sound waves will hit that air pocket and grind to a halt, keeping everything quiet indoors.

  3. Greater Security 

    Insulated windows are harder to break because there are twice as many panes of glass to get through.

  4. Lower Energy Bills 

    As insulated windows provide better heat control, they help lower your energy bills.

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