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Smooth Operation Resist Corrosion Aluminum Windows and Doors

Classification of doors and windows:
According to the opening form: Sliding , Casement flush, Tilt and turn , Bi-folded, Awning ,Fixed etc.
According to the type of profile: PVC, ordinary aluminum, Thermal broken aluminum, solid wood, aluminum-wood composite, full glass, etc.
According to the use method: automatic opening, manual opening, fire linkage, etc.
According to Application: indoor windows &doors, outdoor window& doors, combination doors, etc.

Windows are divided into: casement windows, sliding windows, shutters, energy-saving windows, screens, windows, anti-theft windows, soundproof windows, intelligent windows, iron windows, pvc windows, aluminum windows, glass steel windows, plastic windows, broken bridge aluminum windows and doors, fireproof windows, skylights, stainless steel windows, copper windows, composite windows.

How to choose the opening method of residential doors and windows ?

1. Choose the right type of features from where and for what purpose the windows and doors will be installed
2. Next, prioritize sizes and materials
3. Consider the uniqueness of your building and the structure of your entire project
4. Color selection
When you need to choose a window or door that will match your house, don’t hesitate to contact FASEC(Hangzhou)Window Wall Co., Ltd if you need professional advice and assistance.



Advantages of our window and door frames
1. Aluminum is 3.5 times stronger than PVC and 43 times stronger than wood, with a high strength to weight ratio, making it an ideal material for windows and doors. Aluminum is resistant to rodents, termites and pests.
2. Coastal conditions emphasize the need for aluminum as a framing material. This lightweight but extremely strong metal stands up to the humid, corrosive coastal air and does not deform, rot or corrode easily.
3. Despite aluminum’s energy conductivity, very little energy is actually lost through the framing material. Especially break aluminum is an excellent material for energy saving and environmental protection
4. The surface treatment of aluminum can provide a wide range of customized colors for windows and doors

Advantages of our Low-E glass for windows and doors

I. Environmental protection and energy saving, beautiful and comfortable, sound insulation and noise reduction, avoiding light pollution
Low-E coated glass is a combination of double-layer glass, low-e silver-plated film and dry air, which has the dual characteristics of Low-E glass and insulating glass. In addition to the performance of environmental protection and energy saving, beauty and comfort, it can also achieve the effect of sound insulation and noise reduction, avoiding light pollution, creating a softer and more beautiful building image.
II. Blocking ultraviolet and infrared rays
Low-E insulating glass film uses the interference and reflection principle of the film material on the solar spectrum to form a very high ultraviolet reflectivity, very high far-infrared emissivity, high visible light transmittance. cold light source” to achieve indoor comfort and air-conditioning energy-saving effect, reducing electricity expenses.
III.  The heat insulation capacity is 2 times that of ordinary insulating glass
According to scientific experiments have proved that the heat transfer coefficient of ordinary insulating glass is about 3.3, while the heat transfer coefficient of Low-E insulating glass is only about 1.76, and the heat transfer coefficient of Low-E insulating glass is only about the general of ordinary insulating glass, which means that the heat insulation capacity of Low-E insulating glass is two times that of ordinary insulating glass.

Range of glass available:
Low-E insulating glass, ultra-white glass, ultra-white insulating glass, ultra-white tempered glass, ultra-white laminated glass, etc.




Aluminum Windows and Doors




1.1.4-3.0mm thickness aluminum profiles
2.Aluminium profiles frames,

3.Temper:  T5 T6 or other special status


1.Double toughened glazing:5+12A+5,6+12A+6…
2.Single toughened glazing:6,8,10,12…
3.Laminated glazing:6.38,10.76,10.38…
4.Low-e glazing, frosted/obscure glazing, grey/blue/green tinted glazing…


1.Germany brand 2.Chinese brand


1.Stainless steel security mesh
2.Aluminium security mesh
3.Burglar screen
4.Mosquito screen


1.Powder coating
4.Wood grain


Decorative folding doors, Sliding door, Hinge door
Lift and sliding door, Pivot door, Escape door
Sensor door, Sunroom windows and doors


Gray, Black, Silver, Wood Grain, others Tailored

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