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Aluminum alloy glass casement window

Aluminum casement window is made of Aluminum building profiles frame. Fan Structure of the window, sub-ordinary aluminum  windows and the aluminum windows. Aluminum casement windows with beautiful, sealed, high strength, widely used in the field of construction engineering. In home decoration, commonly used aluminum  windows packaging balcony.

The surface of the aluminum is smooth and shiny after oxidation. The Window Sash frame is big, can set the glass of bigger area.To let indoor light sufficient bright, enhanced the facades between indoor and outdoor contrast. Aluminum is easy to extrusion, profile cross-section size accurate, high-precision processing. So in the decoration of many owners have chosen to use aluminum windows.

Wall Thickiness



Aluminum Alloy

Profile Color


Glass Specification


Glass Type

Insulating Tempered Glass

Handicraft Arts



Aluminum track

Sealing Strip

EPDM Sealing Strip

Turn and tilt

stainless steel



  1. The standard notch design improves the performance of the entire window,realizes flexible opening, convenient use and safe anti-theft functions.
  2. The large cross-section design of the profile, the internal fan material adopts an integrated design, the principle of equal pressure reduction between the outer frame and the internal fan improves the air tightness of the doors and windows and the torque resistance of the profiles to ensure that the doors and windows are not easy to break in cold areas.
  3. Reasonable drainage channel design can effectively prevent rainwater from infiltrating.
  4. The four corners of the window sash are reinforced by stainless steel angle steel, and its 45 degree angle is more accurate.
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