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Aluminum Glass Partitions for Aluminum Frame Spring Pivot Door

Aluminum frame spring pivot door is a door with a floor spring structure. The floor spring is a kind of door closing device. When the floor spring is working, the device that compresses the spring is a worm wheel instead of a rack and pinion. Since the worm wheel can rotate forward and reverse, so floor springs have a wider application than door closers. Floor springs are suitable for doors that open in two directions, while door closers can only be used for doors that open in one direction. The door is a common type of door in decoration projects, and it is a door that can be opened freely inside and outside.


Aluminum frame spring pivot door is mostly used for passages in public places and emergency exit passages. The door equipped with a spring hinge will automatically close after opening. The door uses a buried door shaft spring or a built-in vertical floor spring. The door leaf can be opened freely inside and outside, and the door leaf is in the closed position when it is not touched.



6063-T5 high quality thermal break aluminium profiles          
6063-T5 high quality non-thermal break aluminium profiles


double tempered glazing: 5+12A+5mm, 6+12A+6mm …
single tempered glazing: 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm…
Laminated glazing: 6.38mm, 8.76mm, 10.76mm, 11.14mm, 11.52mm …
Tinted/LowE/Reflective/Clear/Obscure/Opague/ Fritted…


Chinese Brand
Australian Brand
German brand


Stainless steel screws, EPDM rubber gasket to ensure good quality   


Fiberglas Flyscreen
Retractable Flyscreen
Aluminium / Stainless Steel Security Mesh


Powder coating (6-20yr warranty)
Wood Grain

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