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      Glass bricks, or to say glass blocks, are the latest innovative and cleverly designed product. World renowned fashion designer, Chanel have set the trend with a beautiful translucent glass brick in the facade of their Amsterdam Store. It is easy to believe that glass bricks are delicate, however when installed correctly, glass bricks can be used anywhere. Full glass bricks using a specialised translucent flexible mortar between the joint can create a beautifully bespoke veiled effect. Regardless of whether it is used externally or internally, glass bricks are unmistakably contemporary in Design creating a strong visual. Glass brick is available in a wide variety of colours and finishes allowing you, the Designer, Architect or Client to reach the full potential of your project design. Many of the textures specified are : clear, glossy, waved, bubbled etc.


Glamorous Glass Bricks Are Booming

In 1977, a New York Times article by Carter B. Horsley proclaimed that “Glamorous Glass Bricks Are Booming:” once a “less than first-class” material, it was beginning to gain acceptance among architects in residential and restaurant projects for its translucence, privacy, visual interest, and sense of order. However, following the industry’s brief but widespread use of glass bricks, many now associate the material with outdated 80’s architectural styles, an aesthetic that few seem interested in reviving. Yet pioneering contemporary architects have begun using this unique material in new and distinctly modern ways, whether for sleek and minimalist bathrooms, industrial bars and restaurants, vintage residential windows, or even experimental urban facades. As Horsley stated, it appears that glamorous glass bricks are booming – again.

What Exactly Is Glass Brick?

Glass brick, or alternatively glass block, is a glass architectural element that admits light while maintaining visual privacy due to its translucent properties. The original patent for glass brick, filed in 1907, describes it as a process of fusing two sections of glass into a single block with a hollow center. This unique combination facilitates the material’s translucence and thus its properties of light-giving and privacy, as well its insulating qualities such as sound deadening, energy insulation, and fireproofing. These blocks can be any variety of sizes, but are usually at least two to three inches thick. During the manufacturing process, they can be altered in a variety of ways to achieve different aesthetic effects or levels of transparency, including by varying the texture or color of the blocks, creating different shapes such as hexagons, or curving the blocks as part of a predetermined design. Similarly, glazes or inserts may be added to each block, or patterns can be pressed either into the interior space or outer surface while it is cooling.
▪ Pervious to light but not transparent
▪ Sound insulation
▪ High thermal resistance
▪ High intensity
▪ Able to ensure corrosion
▪ Heat preservation
▪ Moist insulation
▪ Wide range of design options (pattern, size, colors) straight,curved, and descontinuous curved wall are available through selections of glass block sizes. pattern permit light control and use of transparent of non- transparent glass block. a colorful atmosphere can be created by choosing colored blocks.
▪ Energy-Saving, the inside of each glass block is near-vacuum with a pressure of 0.3atm. this provide the glass block with a higher heat insulting value than double glazed glass, qualitying the glass block as an enery-saving building material.
▪ Rectangle Bricks 200*100*50mm,200*100*50mm, 100*100*50mm, and 150*150*50mm
▪ Square Bricks 190*190*80mm,145*145*80mm
▪ Bar-type Bricks 240*50*50mm


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