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High Class Triple Glazed Units Toughened Insulated Glass Panels

There are many options for triple-glazed units depending on performance requirements. Variations include:

  • Glass thicknesses
  • Performance coatings
  • Safety glass
  • Spacer bar types
  • Patterned glass
  • Gas fill types

High performance triple glazing requires 2 panes of low e glass, made up as: 4mm clear/4mm low e/ 4mm low e.

Glazing refers to the layers of glass featured in a wall or window and is an essential aspect on your home’s ability to prevent or retain heat buildup. As single glazed glass options offer the least insulative values, double, triple glazed or IGU glazing is recommended.  We offer double and triple glaze insulated glass for walls, windows and doors, the most energy efficient available and suitable for more extreme cold weather climates.


To improve thermal efficiency of glass, panes are offered at different thicknesses, with or without specialized coatings, and varying air space depths with air/gas options. One would typically see argon gas in between double or triple glazed panes as an insulative reinforcement. Argon is a non-toxic gas that is six times denser than air, offering better thermal protection.

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