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Natural ventilation Powder Coated Double Skin Ventilated Glass Curtain Wall

The basic feature of double-layer ventilated curtain wall is double-layer curtain wall and air flow and exchange, so this kind of curtain wall is called double-layer ventilated curtain wall. The double-layer ventilation curtain wall plays a great role in improving the thermal insulation, heat insulation and sound insulation functions of the curtain wall. It is divided into closed inner ventilation curtain wall and open outer ventilation curtain wall. The first type of curtain wall is suitable for heating areas and has higher requirements for equipment. The outer curtain wall is airtight, usually using insulating glass, the aluminum profile of the open-frame curtain wall should be a heat-insulating aluminum profile; the inner curtain wall is a single-layer glass curtain wall or single-layer aluminum doors and windows. In order to improve the energy-saving effect, electric blinds or electric roller shutters are installed in the channel. The second type is opposite to the inner ventilation curtain wall. The inner curtain wall of the open outer ventilation curtain wall is closed and adopts hollow glass; Take away heat and discharge it from the upper air outlet to reduce the influence of solar radiation heat and save energy. It does not require special mechanical equipment, completely relies on natural ventilation, and has low maintenance and operating costs. It is the most widely used form.



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Aluminum Alloy


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Powder Coated/Anodising




Tempered Glass


Soundproof, Durable




Sound insulation: The double-layer glass curtain wall reduces the impact of outdoor noise on the interior due to the shielding effect of the outer skin on noise. It is especially suitable for buildings in the central area of the city and in a strong traffic noise environment. At the same time, the double-layer glass curtain wall can still introduce natural ventilation in a strong noise environment, reducing the energy consumption of the building.


Thermal Insulation: In winter, the presence of the outer curtain wall enhances the thermal insulation performance of the outer envelope. The heat loss on the building surface can be effectively reduced by preheating the air between the double-glazed curtain walls. And because the inner curtain wall temperature is relatively high, it is conducive to indoor thermal comfort.


Ventilation and cooling at night: During the hot summer months, the interior temperature of the umbrella building may be too high. The double-layer glass curtain wall is not ventilated by direct opening, so it has a safety protection function, which enables the office building to take advantage of the cool air at night during off-duty hours in summer to cool the room by natural ventilation.


The shading shutters of the double-layer glass curtain wall are installed inside the mezzanine. Compared with the single-layer glass curtain wall hanging shutters, this method is more conducive to protecting the shutters, especially some metal shutters with complex functions and expensive construction. Short service life will also affect its shading and reflection effects. In addition, external louvers often generate environmental noise.


Due to the existence of the outer curtain wall, the wind pressure inside the building is reduced, and the heat makes it possible to partially open windows freely for ventilation in high-rise buildings. This alone can greatly reduce the energy consumption required for mechanical ventilation in high-rise buildings. In architectural design, the double-glazed curtain wall uses a large area of glass to make the building highly transparent.


Natural ventilation: An important advantage of double-glazed facades is that they allow natural ventilation. Natural ventilation can not only reduce the energy consumption of air conditioners, but also help to improve the comfort of the environment and enhance human health. The interlayer of the double-layer glass curtain wall can be used as a fire escape.


Energy saving: Since the double-layer glass curtain wall improves the thermal insulation performance of the building, and the sunshade can carry out natural ventilation for a long time, the building can fully save energy and reduce energy consumption.

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