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Universal Car Windscreen Safety Glass Cut to Size Laminated Windshield Glass

Modern day windshields are made of laminated safety glass. Consisting of two curved sheets of glass with a plastic layer of lamination between them. The two outside layers are curved glass that has been heated to mold and then cooled down quickly to increase the strength. Those two layers of glass are placed around one layer of Poly-Vinyl Butyrl, a plastic layer that is laminated between the glass pieces and bonded into the frame.


Because of the tough layer of plastic between the glass, when your windshield gets hit by a big rock or in an accident, the glass sticks to the plastic layer as opposed to breaking off into large shards or splinters that could be dangerous to a vehicle’s occupants. So when that rock jumps up and smacks into your windshield, the plastic layer in the middle allows a crack from the pressure, but prevents that rock from shattering your entire windshield.

Manufacturing process of  windshield:


  • Windshields are usually made using a method called the “Float Method.” The glass literally floats inside a chamber during the manufacturing process. The main ingredients are mixed with water inside a chamber that reaches very high temperatures and melted.
  • The long piece of glass is sent to another chamber to cool down. The cooled glass is then cut to the required dimensions using a scribe. 
  • The glass is then placed onto a mould with a slight curvature. The glass is heated once again, just enough so that it becomes soft and will shape onto the mould. After that, the glass is cooled back down extremely fast which strengthens and hardens the glass.
  • Two identical sheets of glass are put on the outsides of a layer of Poly-Vinyl Butyrl and fused together to create a sheet of laminated glass.
  • The windshield can now be fitted into a vehicle’s metal frame.

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