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Aluminum alloy manual glass shutter

Due to its simple and beautiful appearance, glass shutters have gradually become a popular element of modern decoration..Glass shutters system, perfectly combined with natural scenery, can satisfy the pursuit of wide field of vision while efficiently shading. And its cost is cheap, easy to install and clean.

The opening angle of the glass shutters(0-90°) can be adjusted at will , indoor personnel can obtain changing visual effects, meet different ventilation needs, and can maximize indoor air flow and maintain indoor environment. At the same time, it can achieve the maximum ventilation and lighting area.

 glass shutters can adjust the intensity and direction of the wind. In harsh natural environments, as long as they are adjusted to an appropriate angle, they can still enjoy the soft wind indoors and maintain proper ventilation and lighting at any time.



Switch Type



Dustproof, Anti-theft, Heat insulation, Sound insulation, Windproof


  can be customized


Can be customized


Can be customized

Pendulum impact

10 (kJ/㎡)

Scope of application:

Industrial plants, warehouses, laboratories, substations, office buildings, equipment rooms, living rooms, hospitals, schools, villas, etc.

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